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One thing that might be apparent by now is my obsession with the automobile. If you have spent any time at all on my social media outlets, this site, or even glanced at the name of my company, then you’ll know that I favor things of a mechanical nature. It was fitting, then, that I would unite once more with my great friend Shaun Rosa of Makeshift Films to put together a podcast specifically intended to dissect this very topic. We are proud to present Through the Apex, an automotive and lifestyle podcast designed to take on the world of all things gas, glam, and glory. Guru of Designs by Guru has once again outdone himself with our logo creation – if you don’t know by now, he’s designed not just the Machinegain Laboratories icon, but the layout and schematic elements of this very website. Here it is.



The way I see it, you either get cars or you don’t. It’s that simple. Even something as small as a response elicited by one that catches your eye as it passes by (most times, an involuntary action) can separate an automotive enthusiast from an average person. Shaun and I are part of the former group; I’m sure our girlfriends can confirm, as I know that I’ve had to develop serious multi-tasking skills to avoid head-on collisions as I turn 180 degrees while driving, just to catch that once-in-a-lifetime spotting as it roars past.

Last week, Shaun and I linked with Arlen of AML Photography to get some shots for the promotion and marketing of TTA (we’re going to call it that since it saves me, let’s see… approximately 13 keystrokes per article mention). He’s been extremely important to the development of my ventures, having also taken (other than the photos in my last two supplement review blogs) every picture you see on this website. Seeing as he was extremely occupied with what he does best, I decided to bring my own camera along and snag some behind the scenes pictures, which can be seen below. If you can’t tell from the photos, it was literally the coldest recorded day in human history.



This is something I am genuinely excited for, as very few things in life bring me the adrenaline and satisfaction gained by delving into the world of automotive culture. Although we will be covering other topics (including *gasp* fitness!) on the pod, the main focus of our initial development will center upon cars, and I can’t wait to bring you all more content. Trust us, it’s coming sooner than you think.

Stay tuned.



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