FIRST FRIDAY’S: Supp Review – STAUNCH Burning Man

So many thoughts came to mind when I first saw the marketing for this product. Firstly, the name. Only someone with the humor of a massive Aussie lad could deem “Burning Man” an appropriate name for a fat burner. Which is, after all, exactly what this supplement is/does. The main focus of most peeps when taking a fat burner isn’t just the torching of stubborn waist lard (which admittedly, was also partially my reason), but also the energy and curbed cravings that come along with it.

Although I am currently cycling off of this product, I did take it for two consecutive months’ worth, so my insight is pretty solid. And seeing as I don’t have anything else creative to add to this intro (including jokes that are not appropriate concerning the naming convention), I’ll jump right into the review.



Well, it’s a pill. Tastes like a pill should, which is…whatever your pills taste like?

Except a non-enteric-coated fish oil pill. Doesn’t taste like that. I would also recommend against those, by the way.

Now that I think about it, these capsules are the kind that can actually be opened up to see the powder contained within. So if any of you guys decide to do so and snort/consume it this way, feel free to contact me with your findings. Scientific evidence required.




As with a pre-workout formula, fat burners do possess ingredient qualities that have the potential to yield tangibly quantifiable effects upon the body. The combination of thermogenesis and caffeine (a natural thermogenic, in its own right) have the result of amplifying metabolism, which in turn speeds up the process of destroying fat cells. I will say that it was not an immediate sensation of jitteriness or lack of hunger that overcame me; on the contrary, it took about a week to be able to honestly account for the work of the Burning Man. After about 5-6 days of consistent usage, I noticed myself needing to spread out of my meals across a larger spectrum of time (I did not change the foods I ate), in addition to longer endurance periods for cardiovascular sessions – I’m sure the taking of these pills in conjunction with STAUNCH Koala Freak before training created some kind of nuclear reaction somewhere in the universe, but that’s how I took it. I felt amazing, with no crash or stomach irritation.

Some of the key ingredients that make this formula interesting include 100mg of Capsimax and 10mg of ThermoDiamine, which I’ll cover in just a second. The standard Bioperine (black pepper extract, 5mg), caffeine anhydrous (200mg), and green tea (300mg) are present among other fat burners on the market, and are adequately and competitively dosed in this one. However, I found Capsimax to be particularly interesting; it’s an ingredient that essentially derives from capsicum, and when absorbed secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine. Both are hormones that control metabolism, with epinephrine being adrenaline, and norepinephrine acting as a neurotransmitter. Free fatty acid increase during/after exercise accelerates the fat breakdown process (which would explain why some folks take it before their sessions), while also preventing additional weight gain. ThermoDiamine is a trademarked formula that is also rarely found in these compounds, and is actually found in a fruit (Evodia Rutacarpa…whatever that is. I googled it, and it looks like a raspberry bush). This is a stimulator of lipolysis and activates cell receptors that regulate body temperatures, while also increasing outputs of both aforementioned hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. This combination oxidizes fat, while also suppressing appetite through the reduction of neuropeptide Y – which, unsurprisingly, is an amino acid chain that regulates hunger. Whew. Feels like I just took a bottle of the stuff after writing all of this.




To start off, there is no particular time that you have to take a fat burner. Its effects are the same. However, I have read that many folks take them before training or first thing in the morning [on an empty stomach], in order to capitalize upon supposed advantages of absorption quality. I actually ticked both of those boxes with my dosage timing, as I train at 5AM and would wash down 2 of the 3 required daily pills with my Koala Freak. Warning: BEASTMODE WILL ENGAGE. During my cardio, I felt the amplification of the existing caffeine from the Koala Freak in conjunction with the 2-pill serving (almost 500mg of caffeine – 493.3mg to be exact – which is the same as five cups of coffee), carried on through my weights session, and took the final pill along with my lunch around 5-6 hours later (the wait between meals was more feasible due to the hunger-parrying effect, and the final pill was enough to hold me over until dinner around 5-6 hours after that). I love the red and white color combination of the capsules; I often called them ‘superman pills’ for obvious reasons. They are very small, which speaks to the high ingredient levels contained within each serving. This also makes them a breeze to swallow, even if you somehow decide to take all three at once. Some folks are deathly afraid of swallowing pills. Have no fear – no horse pills here.



Although it’s been a few months since I last took this stuff, I still vouch for its predictability, consistency, and results. I lost about ¾ of an inch on my waist during that period (I took it this past winter), and I genuinely did nothing differently from my standard conditioning routine. I was a bit heavier than normal at the time, though, so I’ll blame the season for that. I would recommend cycling off of Burning Man (or any fat burner) perhaps after around 6-8 weeks, and allow 4-6 weeks to reassess your standing and progress during the period. I’m actually coming up on the 8-10 week mark, so I’ll be back on it. Maybe. Either way, I think its great value for money, and with the stuff you get in each serving, you’ll be satisfied. And it won’t be because you’ve overeaten.

STAUNCH Burning Man can be had for $39.00 USD on the STAUNCH website, also linked at the top of the page.



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