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Biography and Training Philosophy:

Not everyone has a storybook fairytale, an epiphany, or an ideal canvas that drives them to improve their physique. In fact, one could even say that most people never reach the goals they set for themselves. Whose fault is this? It’s easy to cast blame upon all the factors we face in our lives that can (and do) hinder us, but it’s even harder to move forward, despite them.

My name is Marc-Anthony “Machinelab” Murray, and I know what it is firsthand to endure pain, suffering, and failure; sometimes even, at the hands of others. However, not all pain and suffering has to be the result of negativity and neglect. Sometimes, it can be self-inflicted through the process of destruction, rebuilding, and repeating. At 5 foot 6 inches, I had reached a personally staggering weight of 195 pounds in 2014; the stress of dealing with legalities from the passing of my mother, financial trouble, academic failures, and relationship issues caused a gradual biological decline over the course of 5 years, during which I had added over 40 pounds to my body.

Realizing that this was unbecoming for someone of my stature, I undertook different forms of physical conditioning to change my frame and lose the mass I had accumulated over the years. Unfortunately, most of this was attempted in vain, as I was shortchanging myself by holding back on training intensity and halfheartedly attempting to adhere to a well-balanced diet (it’s hard to eliminate McDonald’s when it’s all your wallet can handle and all your stomach has been used to, for years).

However, in October of 2016, after two years of weight fluctuation and extreme calorie deficits, I finally decided to root myself in a dedicated form of progressive overload training; I increased my calories, my training days, the weight I moved, and the ways in which I targeted each muscle group. I was able to put on 11 pounds of muscle in 5 months, which was a huge accomplishment for me as it was the first time I had attempted something completely out of my standard scope of conditioning. From then until now, I continue to evolve and change the way I mold my body.

the body
will always
fail before
the mind


The two main training philosophies that have gotten me to this point have been the destruction of the body, rebuilding of the body, and repeating of this process, as well as internalizing that the body will always fail before the mind. Whether it is the weight room, track and/or field, or even day-to-day activities that require anatomical involvement, it is the consistency of action that delivers results. These two philosophies work in tandem to create the best formula possible concerning forcing the body to adapt, no matter what it is you choose to undertake.

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